Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dad’s Chair, A Family Tradition from Generation to Generation

Childhood Memories: Picture this, you run into the living room, on a mission. You know exactly where you are going, it’s Father’s Day and there is someone special sitting there - the same spot as always. He’s reading the newspaper in that old recliner, worn down from use over the years. It is dad’s chair.

Many of our fathers, grandfathers, uncles and mentors have their special spot. As children we can remember climbing up to the seat of that old chair to spend time with him. Whether it’s reading, talking or just watching TV, that chair was the site of many memories. We can remember him coming home from a long day at work and sliding into that seat to wind down for the first time that day.

Continued Traditions: Perhaps our fathers remember their own dad’s chair. The tradition of that special sanctuary has been handed down for generations. Was it a beat up old armchair or a cozy recliner? One thing is for sure, the chair itself may change, but the concept of his special spot has always remained the same.

So now it is time to continue the tradition of dad’s chair with our Father’s Day Recliner Giveaway! It’s time to give that special man who mentored us, stood by us and cared for us a place that he can come home to. The Giveaway contest runs from Thursday, June 5th, through Thursday, June 12th. Enter the contest on Facebook and you will have a chance to win a FREE Flexsteel Recliner worth up to $699 from Hennen’s Furniture! The contest will end June 12th at 4pm. The winner will be contacted via email and announced shortly after. 

Now is the chance to continue this wonderful tradition and give that great guy the special recliner of his own.

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