Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Three Things that will Enhance your Football Experience

As the summer months come to an end, the short, Minnesota fall season makes it’s way into our homes. When we think of fall, most of us think of leaves changing colors, everything pumpkin, and FOOTBALL. Football allows viewers to share pride, be competitive, and bond through tradition. No matter what your tradition is, we have come up with three things that will enhance your viewing experience.

1. Your Seat

Whether you prefer watching your football relaxing at home or celebrating with friends in a bar, your seat can make or break your experience. 

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Having friends over for game day can require a lot of seating. Adding a sectional or accent chairs to your home can help house your guests comfortably and prevent the crowding of temporary seating.

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If you are going to a bar or restaurant, or viewing at a friend’s make sure your chair has a back support. Sitting for a long period of time without any support can cause back pain and soreness that will not make for a happy Monday!

2. Your Snacks

What you use to fuel your game day excitement can differ from week to week. If it is your turn to host the party, or you just want a snack to feed your family, here is one we love with four simple ingredients that is guaranteed to please!

You will need: your favorite crackers, cheddar cheese, summer sausage, and ranch dressing.

Using a rinsed aluminum can or a circular cookie cutter cut the edges of your cheese and meat to create a football shape. Place your football cutouts on top of a cracker, and draw laces with ranch dressing.

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For full instructions and step-by-step photos click here:

3. Your Company

The key ingredient to your ultimate football experience is the people your surround yourself with. Football is a time to share your traditions, to create new memories, and to enjoy the time you get to spend with friends and family. It is a perfect excuse to host a party or plan a place to meet your friends.

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If watching football is in your plans in the coming weeks, try out these three things to help create your ultimate viewing experience and let us know how it goes! Visit Hennen's Furniture to find a seat that is a perfect fit to enhance your tradition.

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