Thursday, November 14, 2013

How To Arrange Your Furniture For A Holiday Gathering

The Holiday season is only weeks away and a lot of time will be spent with friends and family! Making everyone feel comfortable is more than just good food and good company, it can also depend on the layout of your furniture. Here are three different ways to arrange your furniture for the type of Holiday gathering you’re planning to have:

Lots of Friends and Family

If you’re having a large gathering, it would be best to arrange your furniture in an open and spacious way. Try not to have furniture or large coffee tables in the middle of the room and keep your sofas and chairs close to the wall. Also, try to make sure you have plenty of seating so everyone can feel comfortable! This layout will make everyone feel involved and welcomed!

A Mix of Adults and Children 

If there will be an almost equal amount of children and adults at your gathering, it would be best to create spaces with your furniture. Place your sofas and chairs in the middle of the room and create mini living rooms. Maybe have a coffee table and a comfy area rug for the children to color or play games on. You could place this play area on a different end of the living room. This will give the adults and children more privacy without being completely separated. 

A Small Gathering

If you are planning on having just a few friends and family members, it will be best to create a small and intimate space. To do this, you can place your furniture close together and across from one another. Try mixing the sizes of your furniture and have a large sofa and a few small chairs or vice versa. This layout allows for conversation and intimacy and having different sizes of furniture will still give people space if they need it. 

Whether you are having a large or small gathering, you can create a comfortable impression and feeling with the layout of your furniture. Your Holiday gathering will be a success! To find the perfect furniture for your gathering and layout, visit our website or stop by one of our three locations!

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