Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Exploring Flooring Options

Thinking of renovating or updating your living space? Flooring is often one of the first issues to tackle. The amount of flooring options currently in the marketplace is overwhelming. A simple breakdown of the five broad categories we carry at Hennen Furniture can help you to better understand and decide what best suites your interior.

1)    Wood- Nothing adds value, aesthetically and economically, to a space like a beautiful wood floor. Based off their sustainability and low maintenance alone, it will be well worth the investment.

2)    Vinyl- Its ability to resemble other types of flooring is one of the main reasons to choose vinyl. Sometimes, a genuine wood is out a homeowner’s budget, so a stylish vinyl with a similar wood floor finish is a great alternative.

3)    Laminate- High traffic areas such as entrances or hallways are prime locations for a laminate floor. Not only can it withstand the wear and tear but it’s also easy to clean due to its stain resistance quality. Plus, we all know high traffic also means all sorts of “accidents” will be inevitable.

4)    Tile- It’s easy to install and maintain. What’s not to love? Tile can also be used in nearly every room of your home, which is what makes it most popular among the variety of flooring types.

5)    Carpet & Area Rugs- This is a great option for any living space. The right carpet or area rug can dramatically soften the aesthetics of a room – perfect for the nights when you just feel like staying in.

When it comes to flooring, it’s all about what will suit your personal lifestyle and of course, the room itself. Don’t stress out if you’re still unsure. Hennen Furniture’s friendly staff is knowledgeable and ready to answer any and all questions.  

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